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Peter O'Brien is a graduate of the Creative Writing program at Purchase College, SUNY. He has worked as a journalist, screenwriter, editor, novelist, and teacher. In addition to writing, O'Brien is an accomplished filmmaker, having directed two feature-length films (Riphouse 151: Could've Been's & Wanna Be's (2008) and Misery Loves Company (2012)) among various shorts, documentaries, and music videos. Currently he is working on the script for his next feature while supporting the release of Misery Loves Company.

He is incredibly serious and passionate about writing and film. It is his goal to make a career out of this love. His writing has often been described as dark and detailed, but clear enough to have commercial appeal and his films have always been praised for their technical and narrative proficiency.

O'Brien lives and works between New York where he teaches English, writing and film at an International Language School and Nebraska.


“GENERATION KILL “Walking Dead” Promo Video (2012)
Director, producer and editor

“Misery Loves Company” Feature Film (2012)
Director, writer and producer

TROUBLE BOUND “It Don’t Matter” Promo Video (2011)
Director, producer and editor

“Trick or Treat” Short Film (2011)
Director, writer and producer

“Bitter Sweet” Short Film (2011)
Writer, associate producer

“RIPHOUSE 151: Jon Eleazar Tribute Video” (2010)
Director, producer, cinematographer, editor

“RIPHOUSE 151: Could’ve Been’s and Wanna Be’s” (2008)
Feature-length Documentary
Director, producer, cinematographer

“Oh Brother” Short Film (2004)
Director, writer and producer

“Strange Aeons” Short Film (2004)
Official Selection: H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival
Actor, set decorator

“Check Bait” Short Film (2003)
Actor, character development, set decorator

“PROJECT MAYHEM” Mini Documentary (2001)
Winner, EGG: The Arts Show Award, Channel Thirteen Community Leadership Award
Interviewer, camera operator, assistant editor

“What are you smiling at?” Short Film (2000)
Director, writer and producer

“I've had the pleasure of working with Peter O'Brien on many narrative and documentary projects. His attention to detail and meticulous planning is at the core of his work ethics. He has an exceptional talent for telling stories that goes hand in hand with his expansive imagination. If you're not working with Peter O'Brien you're probably doing something wrong.” - Ray Zablocki (Video Production Specialist - Google)

“I was always beyond impressed with Pete's writing abilities and motivation. His fiction pieces showcase a great deal of talent and depth. His work, be it the documentary or his writing, are well crafted and creative.” - Kaitlin Brunsden (Associate Editor at ebizQ)

"I first met Pete when he wrote, directed, and edited the Riphouse 151 documentary and found him to be incredibly professional. Seldom have I seen such an even blend of good writing, shooting, and editing from a first-time filmmaker. Pete can wear many hats and wear them well.” - John Rarrick (President at BullsEye PR)

Management, Directional Lead, Audio & Video Production/Editing, Narrative Prose, Screenwriting, Character & Story Development, Editing, Graphic Design, Developmental Editing, Research, Copy Editing, Proofreading 

General fiction, Mystery, Fantasy/Science Fiction, Horror, Suspense, Comedy, Satire, Journalism

Misery Loves Company (2012) - Feature Film

Misery Loves Company is a narrative film about personal growth and understanding disguised as a dark romantic comedy. 

United States of Arson (A Novel) PURCHASE

United States of Arson is a 90,000-word political thriller that chronicles the rise of a contemporary revolution brought on by the suicide of the American dream. Although it is a work of fiction, United States of Arson is both socially relevant and timeless in terms of the current world issues it explores.

- Crossing the Line: A Square World Anthology (Story Collection)
- RIPHOUSE 151: Could've Been's & Wanna Be's - Feature Film (Documentary)
- Visually Hidden (Film Blog)