Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cinematic Advent Calendar - Day 20

Stocking Stuffers - Dir. Various

In the grand scheme of things stocking stuffers are loose end presents at best. Generally they are something small that the receiver will enjoy, regardless of its function or their interest, but not as much as those stacked under the tree. They could also be considered after thought presents, like 
candy or school or office supplies, even something that goes along with another gift, like batteries. I've even witnessed people receive cash and cigarettes in their stocking. With an advent calendar there is no consolation prize for playing along. However, since there are so many Christmas specials and films to choose from, and only 24 days to share them, perhaps this post will bring that ever expected grin of satisfaction to your face. They might not all be classics, revolutionary, inspiring, insightful, or unique, but on some level they are enjoyable.

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