Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Wolfen (1981) - Michel Wadleigh

When it comes to "W" the selections become extremely specific and with very few exceptions. In an attempt to defy convention I've selected Wolfen (1981) for inclusion on this list. An often overlooked contribution to the genre, the film is not without its faults. However, it does break from the traditional presentation of wolves in the genre, while still paying tribute to the ferocious supernatural aspect often associated with them. Without spoiling it for anyone, the film is set in New York City and focuses on the Native American folklore involving shape-shifting. Based on the novel The Wolfen by Whitley Strieber, the film follows a pair of NYC detectives investigating a series of brutal murders with few clues, links, or motivation. The real mystery comes from their only clue (aside from the method of killing), a few Canis Lupus (WOLF) hairs. The film also introduces the use of heat vision POV shots made famous in the Predator (1987 - 2010) film series. Beautifully shot, edited, acted, and written, Wolfen has but one flaw. Unfortunately you have to wait until the end to find out. 


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