Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Videodrome (1983) – David Cronenberg 

James Woods stars in this technological horror opus for the video/computer age. Following the success of Scanners (1981), Canadian director David Cronenberg channeled his efforts (no pun intended) towards something completely unique. The result was Videodrome (1983), an avant-garde look at the window through which we see the rest of the world, and sometimes ourselves. Woods plays Max Renn, the immoral president of Channel 83 - Civic TV, a local cable station, who comes across a scrambled television signal with some provocative programming. Mutilation, torture, bondage, sex, and violence - anything goes on "Videodrome" and Max must have it for his station. However, prolonged exposure to the videodrome signal has certain incurable psychological side effects. Max's perception of reality becomes as blurry as the videodrome signal and his hallucinations become tangible manifestations. The only way to end it is by bringing "death to videodrome." The film has been classified as "techno-surrealism," but its content pushes it under the psychological thriller category, which is a sub genre of horror. "Long live the new flesh."


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