Monday, October 24, 2011


Uninvited, The (1944) - Lewis Allen

A classic ghost story in every possible way. The Uninvited (1944) is well known for being one of the first haunted house movies to use ghosts and supernatural elements for scares instead of laughs. A legacy which continues to bring it much acclaim and recognition in the genre. While on vacation Rick and Pamela Fitzgerald, a pair of siblings from London, come across a seemingly abandoned cliffside mansion. They procure the property at a more than reasonable price because of disturbances related to its past. Everything seems fine until Stella, the granddaughter of the man who sold the property, begins coming around. Stella had lived in the house up until her mother's death when she was three. It doesn't take long for the disturbances to come back, but there is some mystery as to whether they are welcomed or uninvited. The film was nominated for a black and white cinematography Oscar in 1945. It has yet to be officially released on DVD and only exists on Turner Classic Movies or low grade bootlegs through the internet. Interesting note: both Martin Scorsese and Guillermo del Toro rank this film highly among their personal favorites for the genre. 


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