Monday, October 17, 2011


Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) – Wes Craven

Once again, if you manage to isolate this film from the cinematic cancer that are the sequels, you would quite possibly see the most terrifying movie ever filmed. The concept of a malignant killer that can murder you in your sleep really leaves you nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide. His presence is worsened by his physical appearance, which is so exaggerated that it’s down right ghoulish. Burned to death by the parents of the children he now preys upon, Freddy Krueger is a minion motivated by revenge. Granted, he was murdered for killing their children when he was alive, so one has to wonder if revenge has anything to do with it at all. A plot point that when ignored allows for a flood of sequels to endure, much to the creators (Craven) dismay. Filled with surreal terror, the film is consistent in its theme. It also boasts the most vicious and violent kill scenes of the series, culminating with one of the most horrific visuals ever committed to film. 

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