Monday, October 10, 2011


Gate, The (1987) - Tibor Takács

This film is commonly remembered as “that one with Stephen Dorff, when he was a child.” Celebrity affiliations aside the film is pretty insane once it gets going, and memorable all on its own. It takes about 22 minutes to get interesting, and just as long to become exciting, but once it does the film becomes unrelenting. Essentially a gateway to hell opens in Dorff’s backyard and with the help of Heavy Metal lyrics and model rocket ships Dorff, his sister, and best friend manage to subdue the demonic reign of hell on earth. Principally acted by children, the film has a youthful appeal to it, but the themes and effects are adult oriented. The practical use of Harryhausenesque effects for the demons makes this film especially exciting to watch from a technical standpoint.


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  1. So cool! I remember that one with my sister and I loved that little demons in stop motion (so deadly cute ahah). In Italy, the awful title was translated (bad as always) as "non aprite quella porta" - "don't open that door". "The Gate" is so much better and emblematic because sounds like "il portale" and is essential for italian language also. Nice remembrances...but seriously in my case, I really don't know who is Stephen Dorph. I can link him today just because of "Blade" :)