Sunday, October 9, 2011


Friday The 13th  (1980) - Sean S. Cunningham

Quite possibly the first of the slasher films now synonymous with the nineteen eighties, the original Friday the 13th is bitter sweet amongst film fans. If one were able to detach this film from the rest of the dead weight that makes up the series (Parts 4 & 6 respectfully exempt) it would give a whole new legacy to the film and alleviate much of the mental trauma that goes with it. This film is exceptional for many reasons: “Crazy Ralph,” the double climax ending, even Kevin Bacon, and that one includes and arrow. Sean S. Cunningham utilized many elements from previous horror prototypes of the late seventies including themes, trends, and gore from films such as Halloween, Carrie, and Dawn of the Dead. They all combine to make an original horror classic that is sadly out shined by its sequels, so much so that most people (aficionados aside) don’t even know who is the killer. Unfortunately the prophecy was true; Camp Blood did have a death curse, manifested in this case as franchising rights.


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